Parents who don’t get to see their young children enough struggle to develop a bond with them. Most apps recommended for busy parents make things easier for them when they’re actually around their children. There is nothing really out there right now that can help busy parents maintain the bond with their children despite not being physically around.



Telltale, a platform that allows parents to narrate books to their kids in a fun manner using facial recognition filters.


With Telltale, busy parents or parents working abroad can still maintain their presence and familiarity with their child regardless of schedule and location.


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The bedtime stories you've been dreaming about

How it works

Two types of user accounts can be made: one for parents/guardians who will use the app to record stories and the other for the children who will use it to enjoy these stories.

In the parent/guardian account, the user can choose to narrate stories that are yet to have recordings.

Facial recognition filters help the user to bring these stories to life. A simple karaoke inspired interface makes recording easy.

In the child's account, they will be notified that a new book is ready to be read. Possibly with the help of a baby-sitter or guardian, they can operate the app and start enjoying the stories.

Children can also request for books that have yet to be recorded. While enjoying the stories, the child's reaction is also automatically recorded. This recording will be sent to the parent who can choose to save the reaction video to his or her device. Automatic recording of child's reaction can be disabled in settings.

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