Singapore Armed Forces


During my 2 years of mandatory national service, I was posted to the Singapore Armed Force's School of Ammunition, an institution where soldiers undergo courses to learn about the types of ammunition they'll be working with.


I was part of a 2 man creative team responsible for the development and design of various training aides and collaterals for the school.


Most of the work we produced is classified, but here are select bits and pieces that I'm allowed to share.

Basic Ammunition Specialisation Course (BASC) Graduation Invite

An invitation card that can be used as a photo frame sent to parents of the trainees.

Hand Grenade Posters

We were tasked with producing a set of informational posters that would make hand grenades used in the SAF, a dull topic amongst soldiers, more engaging and fun. Each poster imagined a particular type of grenade as a remix to Bruno Mars' hit single "Grenade." Illustrations by Kelvin Tan.


Small parts of certain projects that can't be shown in full mostly due to sensitive/classified information.

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