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Many Singaporeans complain about Singapore being a boring place, and often end up doing the same things at the same places. As the definitive guide to the best of Singapore, TimeOut Singapore wants people to realise that the country has much more to offer.


TimeOut Singapore presents ExplorAide—Explore With Every Outing.


School: Temasek Polytechnic


4As Crowbar Awards 2013

Websites & Microsites — Silver

Applications — Bronze

Print/Press — Bronze

Art Direction — Bronze

Illustration — Bronze

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Outdoor installation

These kiosks are located near train stations or other busier parts of the specific area. Each kiosk consists of a map showing the best dining and shopping spots in the surrounding area, as well things you can do. People can also pick up a free copy of the ExplorAide field guide at these kiosks.

Field guide

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