Bodies is a fictitious pornography brand thought up for a project in school. It aims  to be a cooler, more stylish, more tasteful alternative to mainstream porn such as Pornhub.


This logotype is the central element in our visual communications system. It is an altered version of the Americana Std typeface, with adjustments made to ensure it exudes a sleek sensuality. The form of the logotype should never be altered or distorted in any way.

Download the full brand guide.


School: SVA


*Due to this being a school project and also the nature of its content, photos used were mostly taken off the internet and edited. The following are places/people
I've used photographs from:

(in no particular order) Eros Magazine, Erika Lust, Denise Bidot, Richard Kern, Naomieh Jovin, Movement, Gaspar Noé, London Keyes, Girls Unawares, Pixy Yijun Liao, Naomi Fisher, Namio Harukawa, Peter North, Sasha Kurmaz, Ren Huang, Four Chambers, Rocco Siffredi, Sandra Torralba, Tangerine, Stephanie Sarley,



Above the fold: The top fold of the website is always a full bleed carousel of the month’s top content. This usually means the month’s cover story and/or feature film will be the first image seen. The first fold aims to provide more of a cinematic feel for the viewer.

Below the fold: After scrolling past the carousel, the logo shrinks in size and is pinned to the top along with the navigation menu and the login/sign up button. This segment of the website starts to look more editorial as opposed to the cinematic first fold.


Cover: The cover maintains the same structure as our other print collaterals, with the logo sitting at the top of the composition.

The URL, however, is moved to the back to make way for the month’s cover story and featured contributors. The issue number also sits beneath the masthead as a lock-up. Every month, the fluorescent color used by our brand online will match with the fluorescent color used for the magazine cover’s masthead and copy.

Example spreads: A fixed 12 column grid is to be used throughout all the inner pages. Page numbers are set in the size and style that the URL would be set in.


Magazine launch posters: These are the ‘safer’ ones of the bunch. The magazine covers should always be obscured from full view in these posters.

Other event posters: These posters are mostly for parties and exhibitions. Designers are welcome to go a little crazy on posters. However, point size and style of the informational text should stay consistent throughout.


© 2017 Brian Lim

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